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Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust (PLife)

Dividend Yield 3.95%
P/B Ratio 1.59
Aggregate Leverage Ratio 36.4
Occupancy Rate 100%
WALE 16.21 year(s)
Interest Coverage Ratio 11.1 times
Fixed Rate Debt 91%
Ex-dividend Date 8 Feb 2024
Record Date 9 Feb 2024
Payout Date 7 Mar 2024
Type Healthcare


The higher price-to-book P/B ratio of 1.51 indicates a significant premium to its fair value. This premium may be attributed to the defensive nature of the healthcare sector, the prudent financial management, and the consistent track record of delivering growing DPUs.
David Ang - 2 Feb 2024
Despite the lower gross revenue this 1Q 2024 YoY, Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust (PLife) still managed to grow its DPU this quarter by 4.0% YoY. PLife is one of the few S-REITs that has consistently increased its DPU yearly for over a decade.
David Ang - 30 Apr 2024
Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust (PLife) has prudent financial management, with an aggregate leverage ratio of only 36.4% and an interest coverage ratio of 11.1 times. The percentage of debt hedged to a fixed rate is also healthy at 91%.
David Ang - 30 Apr 2024
Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust's (PLife) debt maturity profile is well-staggered, with just 2% due for FY24/25 and 13% for FY25/26. PLife is well-equipped to weather potential prolonged periods of higher interest rates.
David Ang - 30 Apr 2024

Geographical Exposure

Singapore 67.6%
Japan 32.2%
Malaysia 0.2%

Sectoral Exposure

Healthcare 100%

Dividend Distribution History (DPU)

Debt Maturity Profile

In $ millions
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Fiscal Year Debt (in $ millions) Percentage
FY24/25 17 2%
FY25/26 107 13%
FY26/27 230 27%
FY27/28 252 30%
FY28/29 45 5%
FY29/30 73 9%
FY30/31 120 14%
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